Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bucket List... or Meagan's Hopes and Dreams

in honor of my birthday i decided it was high time for me to make a bucket list, or my hopes and dreams list. turning 24 is a strange thing when you feel like you are still 17 years old and wandering around your hometown in your junky car. now i am just older and wandering around a different city in my slightly less junky car. not much has changed really. my hair is a lot longer. But i kind of feel the same really. except i am older. and next year i will be 25. and if i am doing my math right, that's like being 1/4 of the way through my life...if i live to be 100. but considering the fact that my grandma, who is almost 90 years old, goes out dancing almost every night and gets home later than me on the weekends i feel like my chances are pretty great that i might see 100. i digress. since i am turning another year older i have decided to document my bucket list. these aren't in order of importance or anything.

1. go to the floating lantern festival in thailand (ok that one actually is kind of number one)

2. learn to sail

3. take voice lessons, not to be famous or anything but i just like to sing around the house

4. see aerosmith live (don't judge me on this one)

5. go to all 7 continents, specifically antarctica

6. be part of a big singing, dancing, musical disney moment

7. learn how to really play my guitar

8. own something by alexander mcqueen, but most specifically his brass knuckle clutches

9. get a tattoo preferably with my sister

10. live right next to the ocean in a cozy house with a bright blue front door and floor to ceiling book shelves and an awesome stereo system

11. go skydiving

12. become fluent in italian

13. hold a sloth

14. become an established artist

15. open my own business

16. learn how to surf

17. discover atlantis (i know this is highly unlikely but it would still be awesome)

18. participate in an archaeology dig

19. find out the secrets of the masons (this one ranks up there with the floating lantern festival one)

20. have a pet tiger

21. go back to cinque terre

22. learn how to actually cook instead of just eating sandwiches

23. do something that leaves behind a legacy

24. spend a night in the middle of the ocean and sleep on the bow of the boat

25.dye my hair platinum blond just once

26. go to machu picchu

27. ride in a hot air balloon

28. have a huge flower garden

29. build a crazy awesome tree house for my kids if i ever have any

30. find some sort of treasure

31. visit and really see all 50 states

32. obviously go back to italy

33. live in new york for about 3 months

34. be in a movie, just in a background shot or something

35. be famous for like a week, that's all

36. own a planetarium so i can go whenever i want (i love planetariums)

37. go on a rollercoaster vacation like lorelai and rory were going to do

38.  go to switzerland and scotland since i never got to

39. fly a plane

40. publish a novel

i think that may be all. this list would be so much longer if i hadn't gone to HUF. i'm super blessed to have gotten to have all those experiences and i'm super grateful to have another year to maybe mark some of this stuff off. 24! woo!